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Grow a profitable audience with less effort, time, and money.

Features loved by our closed-beta users

  • Write weeks of content in 2 hours

Build and use effective swipe files in minutes.
All you need is a keyword, and desired engagement and you're good to go.

  • Stay online less, get more results.

Let your marketing happen while you're out doing business.
Schedule your tweets months in advance.

  • Drive traffic to your products and services

Tweet performing well?
Turn it into a traffic source.
Drop pre-written plugs under your tweets without the need to always check your timeline.

  • Better bookmarks

Annotate and navigate through your bookmarks through our bookmark search feature.

Create another source of content and educational inspiration.

  • Build connections

Build relationships by engaging on the timeline.
Save time, remove the distraction of retweets, and replies through our focused lists.
Now you can build relationships, and leverage bigger accounts with less effort.

No credit card required to start.


Create, Engage, Pivot.

Features that equip you with the tools to grow.

  • Write weeks of content

Access high-performing tweets using the "Inspiration" tool. Use them to create content ideas.

  • Enter a keyword.

  • Enter an engagement target.

  • Find the best.

  • Learn from the best.

  • Write like the best.

  • Bookmarks that work

Turn your bookmarks into an inspiration and content source mine.
No more forgotten bookmarks.
We took the bookmark idea from Twitter and made it better.

  • Classify bookmarks and search through your list.

  • Twitter Bot you can call on from replies to save tweets from the app.

  • More effective Twitter engagement

Commenting replies is a staple in Twitter growth. This is harder when your timeline becomes saturated in comments, likes, and retweets.

TLDrip changes this through the "engagement list" feature. Now you can add the accounts you want to interact with manually and focus your engagement. Save time, and remove all the likes, replies, and retweets.

  • Tweet Scheduling and Auto-Retweets

Schedule months of Tweets ahead of time, and give yourself the freedom to work on other parts of your creator journey.

  • Schedule your tweets months in advance with a timetable you chose.

  • Auto-RT after X hours to cover the other parts of the globe for extra engagement.

  • Create pre-written plugs to turn tweet views into sales/views/subscribers.

Start with our content-creation features.


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Account plans


$10 $5 / Month

  • Full access to the Inspiration Tool.

  • Unlimited Bookmarks.

  • Unlimited Tweet Scheduling.

  • Multi-account support.

  • Access to the Engagement Builder.

  • Enrollment to the TLDrip Publication

7-day free trial with full access to TLDrip.


  • Full access to the Inspiration Tool.

  • Unlimited bot bookmarks (limited in-app bookmarks).

  • One timeslot a day. Up to 10 Tweets scheduled.

  • Single Account Support.

  • Access to the TLDrip Publication


Frequently Asked Questions

The TLDrip Story

the origin story

What drove me to create this tool is that I found myself bouncing from different Twitter schedulers in my journey to 4000+ followers.

I never found anything I liked enough to keep paying for.

Too expensive.
Multi-account support was hard to use.
No help with content creation inspiration.
I was learning code at the time, and I thought why not me?

So I set off on my journey to deep-dive into web development and ‘lo-and-behold TLDrip' was born.

Now it’s all about you.

I want to create a product you can use daily and one that will make your social media marketing journey easier.

TLDrip is about making things easier.

Simple tools with simple foundations in Twitter growth.

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Founded 2021. Made by Volk ♥️

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